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    Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, . In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology, and the . and error, or learning from experience, tend to create highly situational knowledge. . Analytic-synthetic distinction · Descriptive knowledge · Epistemic logic .

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Introduction to Qualitative Research
To assist in understanding the background to the interpretive/descriptive approach, the fol- lowing section provides a discussion of epistemological and methodological ideas. Several sets . the setting and situation, as the researcher is the main research tool. Language . 1995 book Fighting Familiarity). Immersion might .[1].pdf

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Epistemology proceeds on the assumption that all contributions to a given . Rorty, the line between epistemology and hermeneutics is purely one of familiarity. . but hermeneutics is required in a situation where we do not understand what is . In describing his own work as a genealogy or history of truth, Michel Foucault .

knowledge - definition of knowledge by the Free Online Dictionary ...
3. awareness, consciousness, or familiarity gained by experience or learning . Epistemology. a theory that the object and datum of cognition are identical. . to have no knowledge of [event, situation] ? ne pas avoir connaissance de to have .

Representing Knowledge within the Situation Calculus using ...
The situation calculus [12, 16] is a way of describing change in sorted first-order logic. . some familiarity with mathematical logic and the reader is referred to [4] for . idea behind the approach is to define an epistemic fluent to keep track of all .

Epistemic and Deontic Modalities in Aminata Sow Fall's L'Ex-Pere ...
the factors which are involved in epistemic and deontic modality" (Lyons 1977, 786). . facts; it is what arises out of familiarity with a situation. Where . future tense: if x directs y to act or not to act or to perform a given act, x is not describing .

A contextualist modification of cornman
that normative epistemology is an enterprise which might profitably utilize some descriptive . intelligence - has given us insight into what those descriptive elements might be.l . to justify a set of claims. In responding to the context of a given situation, one rarely . refutability, simplicity, familiarity and fecundity. 1~. 379 .

The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement
Forthcoming in the inaugural volume of Oxford Studies in Epistemology, edited by John . In contrast to descriptive questions about how an awareness of disagreement in fact . superior familiarity with the evidence which makes a certain measure of deference on my part the . Consider how the situation appears from my .

Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Nov 2, 2006. to consider the different ontological and epistemological questions we considered . sort of psychologist in interested in describing and interpreting individual . or do we really want to study this phenomenon or situation in detail? . time, money, availability of samples and data, familiarity with the subject .

Research and Paradigms
Epistemology refers to the nature of knowing and construction of knowledge . Research purpose has three main classifications exploratory, descriptive . The focus is on gaining insights and familiarity for later investigation. . Finally causal or predictive research seeks to explain what is happening in a particular situation .

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epistemology: Definition from
Nearly every great philosopher has contributed to the epistemological literature. . Describing the characteristic nature of International reality marked by . on the student's familiarity with the subject: Epistemology & Methodology; Annis, .

Test Procedure Bias: A Meta-Analysis of Examiner Familiarity Effects
Positivism, or scientism, is the epistomological basis for the mainstream tradition . situation are made, in part, to isolate the variable of interest, the test, from other . Descriptive Information on Studies Included in the Meta-Analysis. C. O. X .

Epistemological beliefs and epistemic strategies 1 Running Head ...
Abstract. How do epistemological attitudes and beliefs influence learning from text? . characteristics and the perceived familiarity of the texts they read. In Study 2 . Descriptive statistics and intercorrelations of all variables in Study 1 are given in the upper portion of . Situation models and epistemic validation. Journal of .

Using a Chicana Feminist Epistemology in Educational Research
framework in educational research by describing an oral history project on Chicana . In this article, I describe a Chicana epistemological perspective by provid- . “one can come to the research situation with varying degrees of sensitivity de- . my familiarity with and respect for ancestral wisdom taught from one gen- .

Remarks concerning the Epistemology of Scientific Empiricism
in The Logical Syntax of Language and, in a more epistemological setting, in. Testability and . Some familiarity with. Carnap's work . four predicates are constants; 'grsq' is an instance of a defined descriptive expression. In. Carnap's . situation opens a rather wide area of possible agreement with the students of. Husserl.

Epistemology - "The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, . Although of course in the essays that follow, I will be describing each of these words in much greater detail. . The gist of a specific situation; significance. 5. . Familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study. 3.

have been descriptive, by focusing on what different types of beliefs exist among students or . familiarity sometimes makes it transparent to us. […] . situations. In a certain situation, different epistemological resources can be activated .

Ecological Thinking: The Politics of Epistemic Location
naturalized epistemology to effect nothing less than an epistemological sea change . familiarity with her previous works will undoubtedly benefit readers as they . descriptive, theory-dense current work, she urges us to not place too much weight . interdependence both situational and personal, along with affect, meaning .

The epistemic value of intuitive moral judgements (Bert Musschenga ...
Accepted by Philosophical Explanations The epistemic value of intuitive moral . features such as a felt veridicality, appropriateness, familiarity, or confidence, and . He regards Haidt?s intuitionism as a descriptive psychological theory about how . Instructional maxims now can refer to these new situational aspects (p.

Experimental Epistemology James R. Beebe (University at Buffalo ...
Bob's belief is justified because of his past familiarity with Jill's driving habits, and his belief is true because . Describing the distinction between internalism . A key feature of Charles' epistemic situation—and the original Truetemp story it was .

Epistemic Machineries of Environmental Online Communication
be made about how to provide descriptive information about the observer that would allow users to . modern trusting “system trust” -- trust without familiarity.

Methodological, Ontological, and Epistemological Attributes . of factors, including social, economic, political, situational, or experiential/personal. . (2) Culture provides rules and routines that facilitate order, regularity, familiarity, . is that the range of human activities can be grouped into one or more of 9 descriptive .

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Epistemic Intuitions
several major features of epistemic intuitions, this article reviews the history of the current . some real or hypothetical subject's situation, where the description doesn't already label the . epistemology to the conservative job of describing our existing concepts . The feeling of knowing can be generated by familiarity with .

THE GEOMETRY OF KNOWLEDGE 1. Epistemic logic in its ...
In this paper, we assume familiarity with the basic . Another way of describing the set of valid . (3) agents' having a shared epistemic situation. He then showed .

Towards an Account of Intuitiveness
While everyday usage indicates that familiarity means either a passing acquaintance or an intimacy . coupling is proposed, with familiarity providing an epistemic . of a joystick as being intuitive are we describing the same attribute? . future, our human setting, our physical, ideological and moral situation” (ibid: 136).

Epistemology of Prophethood in Islam - Al-Islam
Medievalists talked of `revelation' but they did not mean by it an epistemic . In later decades the situation took another turn when materialism took hold of the mind . even for a man who has only elementary familiarity with the Arabic language. . After describing in this manner the various levels of the cognitive potential of .

Ecology and Society: Epistemological Pluralism: Reorganizing ...
Epistemological pluralism: reorganizing interdisciplinary research. . In this situation, individual researchers consider a common set of issues, but maintain . phase, or r phase, as their point of departure for describing the adaptive cycle. . Increasing familiarity and experience with multiple epistemologies has given rise to .

Economic history, descriptive economics, and economic statistics are, of course, history . Hardly any philosopher had a more universal familiarity with various . about the situation which makes one man's action effective for them too. Only in .

On the Form of a Personal Epistemology
Research on "epistemological beliefs" has made important contributions to education, . information, each of which applies primarily to a specific situation” ( Redish et al., 1998). . everyday lexicon, and that familiarity facilitates discussion . . Rather than describing students' knowledge in terms of conceptions inherently .

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Shamanic States of Consciousness as Technology and Epistemology
The shamans' epistemology, or ways on knowing, depended on deliberately . Moreover, a careful reading of Wilber (1983) suggests a limited familiarity with the . have been more meaningful to her clients and more descriptive of her work ? . considering the demands of a local situation at a particular moment in time.

Insider / Outsider: Epistemological Privilege and Mothering Work
translation of historical familiarity into epistemological privilege. Finally, I suggest that . This situation quickened during the. 1960s (Wilson . that describing our research interest in mothering and schooling to school principals resulted in a .

Pancritical Rationalism
To illustrate the formative cultural and intellectual power of epistemology, . The situation is problematic whether different people have the same or diverse ultimate standards. . Rather than describing the world, such ideas are instruments, tools, . 9 Bartley may have conceived this parallel due to his enormous familiarity .


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Grounded Theory: some reflections on paradigm, procedures and ...
. ongoing debate within the social sciences over the nature of epistemological claims . describing what is happening in the data, which is a feature of open coding, . One of the important factors that emerged was that of familiarity with a . the personal experiences of the researcher, the process, and the situational factors .

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Epistemic Motives and Cultural Conformity: Need for Closure ...
distinguish the specific epistemic closure motive that fosters . ance for situational excuses (Tetlock, 2000). . Before describing the current studies, we review the literatures . lacked familiarity with the reasons for their stance, high-NFC .

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The Frame Problem (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Nov 22, 2009 . The Epistemological Frame Problem; 4. . Suppose we write two formulae, one describing the effects of painting an object and . Since most actions do not affect most properties of a situation, in a domain comprising M . and that our “ background familiarity with how things in the world behave” is sufficient, .

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A Constructivist Revision of the Measure of Epistemological Reflection
epistemological development that emerged . situation. First. theorists began to question the utility of the original theories for . ln describing the advan- .

'Epistemological' access to Arts and Humanities: An alternative ...
'EPISTEMOLOGICAL' ACCESS TO THE UNIVERSITY: AN ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE . The appropriateness of those choices is seen to be dependent on situational . One way of describing the decontextualised, fragmented character of the . which has grown out of students' familiarity with primary discourses rather .

Modernist Epistemology
Describing what psychology tells us about a minority group like Asian . ontological and epistemological assumptions and interpretive practices that . istics, a study's situational features that push people toward particular . to perceive a white triangle superimposed on a background because of our familiarity with .

unprecedented cognitive and epistemological possibilities. One would . a case of applying an established method to the given situation, in other instances . To better grasp the semiotic phenomenon that we have been describing, . For a discussion of Plato's familiarity with the Orient in general, see Whitney (1979).

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Art-Making As Embodied Aristotelian Epistemology: Materialized ...
Response to this situation has a long complex history. . It is precisely arts familiarity with perceiving life's emotion and imagination that constitutes its . (L. Wittgenstein, 1961) 89 For Stuart Richmond, art, unlike descriptive or propositional .


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