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Use of the Delphi Method in Athletic Training
commonly associated with the use of the Delphi Method; and research protocol. . Graphic Representation of a Sample Delphi Study Timeline if deemed . Andrews33. (Thesis). Development of eating disorder policies and procedures for an .

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The Delphi Technique. What Is It?
The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the . of the new thesis and support it, changing their own views to align with the new thesis.

The Delphi Method for Graduate Research
through triangulation or with another sample, and x) publishing of the results. . 280 dissertations and theses that used the Delphi method in their research.

The Delphi technique: a method for testing complex and ...
example of the Delphi research approach that was applied to a recent . Delphi in this context was successful in that the thesis was passed and so its use in . This paper reviews the use of the Delphi technique as a testing method for complex .

The Delphi technique: a critique
to advocate a random sample of panelists who . using the Delphi technique to set research pri- orities is that the . MSc Thesis, University of London, London.

Introduction to the Delphi Technique: Uses in Project Management
Find out more about the Delphi technique and its use in project management. . Through thesis and antithesis, all experts will present their opinions on a given . Critical Path Examples of Using the Critical Path Method or the Critical Path .

Delphi Method (Gordon, Helmer, Dalkey)
Feb 5, 2012 . Structuring a group communication process to deal with a complex problem. . Explanation of the Delphi Method of T.J. Gordon, Olaf Helmer, Norman . The Delphi Method is based on the Dialectical Inquiry approach: Thesis .

6 DATA GATHERING: DELPHI METHOD 6.1 The Delphi Method ...
Using the Delphi technique in conjunction with other methodologies, such as scenarios, . commonly associated with group interviews, for example, specious persuasion or deference . Number of Masters and PhD theses (as an R&D output) .

Delphi method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The technique can also be adapted for use in face-to-face meetings, and is then called . The Delphi method is based on the assumption that group judgments are more valid . If consensus is not reached, the process continues through thesis and . For example, in one case reported by Basu and Schroeder (1977), the .

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The Delphi technique: myths and realities
the technique open to criticism (see for example Goodman . are considering using the Delphi technique for the first . Unpublished PhD Thesis, University .

Rand Corporation's Delphi Technique, . Or using the thesis of no accountability in schools, offering an antithesis of charter schools, and synthesizing them into .

A Delphi study of the influences on innovation adoption and process ...
4.3.2 Sub-objective 2: The Delphi method in the FLOSS context . . of the entire process, from sampling the panel to processing the data. . 6I wrote this thesis on Debian GNU/Linux, using the Vim editor, and had TEXlive (with KOMA-Script) .

Delphi method
frame of a master or doctoral thesis. Also not included are . parallel approaches are reported, some using the Delphi method, others not. The same . process as such. In Figure 2-1, this is illustrated by the 'real' example of the Del-phi '98 .

Reconceptualizing Knowledge Management: Knowledge, Social ...
Using a disjunctive logic and a holistic approach, this thesis makes several . This research presents a Delphi study utilizing a panel of experts to explore existing . Wikipedia: An Example of a Social Complex Adaptive System Embracing .

The Delphi Technique: Making Sense Of Consensus
The Delphi technique is a widely used and accepted method for gathering data from respondents within . using a series of questionnaires delivered using multiple iterations to collect data from a panel of selected . If the sample size of a Delphi study is too small, . master's thesis, The Ohio State University, Columbus.

The Delphi technique as a forecasting tool: Issues and analysis ...
Unpublished PhD theses, technical reports (e.g., of the RAND Corporation), and . For example, the study of Ono and Wedermeyer (1994) reported that a Delphi . This approach seems at odds to rationale of using Delphi with heterogenous .

The Delphi technique as a forecasting tool: issues and analysis
years ago, the Delphi technique has become a widely evaluation . Unpublished PhD theses,. Since the 1950s, use of . For example, the study of Ono and Wedermeyer should be . using Delphi will generally result in 50% correct about the .

Current validity of the Delphi method in social sciences - ScienceDirect
The Delphi method, with all its defining characteristics, was first used at the . Finally, additional examples of the validity of the Delphi method as a research . We have extracted this data from the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES The views expressed in this thesis are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy . Using a Delphi method, the study develops insights of experts from more . For example, two experts have claimed, .

The Hegelian Dialectic, the Delphi Technique, and Moral Relativism ...
Mar 25, 2009 . For example, if my thesis is 2+2=4, then all other answers (antithesis) . Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus by Lynn M. Stuter .

The objective of this research is to demonstrate that the Delphi technique can be used . Another example would be to lock and guard the cockpit cabin of a . of Engineering Science student who selected this study for his masters' thesis topic.

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Free papers in Spain: 20 minutes of fame or here to stay?
The topic of the thesis goes well with my major in the program, which is Business . thesis has a case-study approach, and makes use of the delphi-methodology to structure in- depth interviews . One example of such is Helgesen (2002), .

Methodology for Testing the Stability of Experts
The Delphi method is a means of structuring a group communication processes . Most Delphi studies, however, use the same sample across two successive rounds . Unpublished master's thesis, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Measuring civic knowledge| Using the Delphi method to construct a ...
The world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses. . Measuring civic knowledge: Using the Delphi method to construct a Civic Knowledge . Citizenship, Human Rights, Civic Society, Market Economy and Examples of .

You want to do an action research thesis?
For a recent example of a research masters thesis in social work using a mail delphi see Dunn (1991). I have described (Dick, 1991) a .

The Delphi Method is based on a structured process for collecting and distilling knowledge from . The problem is how to use this testimony and, specifically, how to combine the testimony of a . Ph.D. thesis, University of California, Berkeley.

The Delphi Method: Techniques and Applications--Harold A ...
In this chapter we sample the rich menu of applications. . Jillson focuses on the use of Delphi as an integral instrument in national drug . A superb example of the Delphi technique was carried out by Richard Longhurst as a master's thesis at .

This paper explores the use of a Delphi-based methodology to identify the competencies . and offered two examples of studies that used modified Delphi methods. . December 21, 2002 from thesis/ .

Chapter 6: Methodology
how others had developed inquiry methods for their doctoral theses, and choose the most appropriate of these for . different from the example using primary data. . and Wright, discussing research into the Delphi technique, state that: .

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Development of design criteria and evaluation scale for web-based ...
include (1) providing an example of developing evaluation criteria for web-based . an evaluation scale using a standardized development procedure. . the first phase used the Delphi technique and the heuristic evaluation method to . Unpublished master thesis, National Changhua University of Education, Taipei, .

A Thesis by. ADENIYI O. OLUMIDE JR. Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of. Texas A&M . Expert opinion was sought through the use of the Delphi technique. Experimental . 7 Example of ERA Worksheet at Sketch Design Stage .

The Delphi technique: a method for testing complex and - Emerald
Citation: Thomas Grisham, (2009) "The Delphi technique: a method for testing . ( PM) students with an example of the Delphi research approach that was applied to a . The use of Delphi in this context was successful in that the thesis was .


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The subject of Master's thesis was approved by the council of Information. Technology on the 12 . study describes the use of technological forecasting as gaining information for the . methods as follows: trend analysis, Delphi method, cross-impact analysis, morphological analysis . For example, a corporation would like .

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incidence using Delphi technique. . Signi?cance ofthe Study. Eelinlitations. Methodology ?0puia£ion. Sample. Tonia . Applying appropriaie ieaching method .

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Future Role of Fire Service in Homeland Security
AGENCY USE ONLY (Leave blank). 2. REPORT DATE . This thesis used the Delphi method to explore what this future role might be. Information . founded by Bill Wilson, is an example of how an organization can flourish when there is .

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Violence towards remote area nurses : a Delphi study to develop a ...
A thesis submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree of . utilising the Delphi method, a panel of expert Remote Area Nurses (n=10) from .

An improved SWOT approach for conducting strategic planning in ...
improving current SWOT approach using rationally analytic quantitative techniques . brainstorming sessions, for example, are set up to create strategy options, . By using Delphi method, a weighted interaction SWOT matrix is then derived to . and strategy, A thesis submitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Civil .

The work contained in this thesis has not been previously submitted for a . 2.8. 2 Expert elicitation using the Delphi method..........................................................28 . Characteristics of samples in the factor analysis..................................................87 .

UVic Thesis Template
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment . to an ideal solution (TOPSIS) method was applied to the adolescent population . female adolescents also experience health and wellness differently, with . 2.4.1 Delphi Study Participant Sample .

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Introducing the Delphi Screener: Understanding the intention to use ...
University of Twente Student Theses . Introducing the Delphi Screener: Understanding the intention to use a self-sampling method for cervical screening .


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